Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Migraines and Motherhood

I personally think that those words should never be used in the same sentence. If you are a mother, you should be exempt from experiencing the hell that is a migraine. Easy trade off: give birth...no migraine. Instead, I find among my friends, and my personal experience that the two words seem to be synonymous. If you have children, you have migraines. Some more than others, but I don't hear many men saying, "I had the worst migraine today AND had to continue taking care of my little blessings." Keeping it together as a mother has its challenges anyway, but add a migraine to it and you feel like you are balancing the Empire State Building on a toothpick precariously sticking out of your skull. (Please pause and picture how this would actually be accomplished. It's a good mental picture.)

I speak from experience, unfortunately. Saturday was such a day for me. The day was supposed to be full of yard work, house cleaning, and joyous time with my family. Instead I was accosted by the vile thief that is a migraine. The pain, the agony, the defeat. All apply to the migraine path of destruction. The migraine itself, though only an hour, left me exhausted and ineffective for the rest of the day. My husband did his best to be helpful...and we (me and the migraine) really appreciate any help we can get. The kids had a great day of watching video after video. I'm ashamed to admit it; but they probably watched 10 hours of TV straight. They were actually tired of the TV, begging to do something else. The best part of motherhood and migraines is the demand doesn't really go down just because you have a small nail protruding from the cerebral cortex. I was still up and down, wiping bottoms, getting snacks, getting drinks, fixing meals, starting a load of laundry (because I might as well), starting baths, and everything else fun about being a mom.

So in conclusion , I wonder, does anyone else think that maybe the worst punishment from Eve eating that forbidden fruit is the fact that Migraine's and Motherhood seem to go hand in hand?

Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm gonna try something

So to begin...

Yesterday was a normal busy day. Fixing breakfast, cleaning the kitchen, answering "no" several times to a midmorning snack, starting school, fixing lunch, cleaning the kitchen, continuing school, forcing a nap for my 3 year old, still working on school, answering "no" to a midafternoon snack several times, visiting with my neighbor (who will be a constant character to my blogs) fixing dinner, cleaning the kitchen, giving baths, baking cookies, cleaning the kitchen, tucking the 3 angels into bed, and falling in exhaustion to my favorite spot on the couch. Here's the interesting part...my husband came home from work, sat down at the computer to "follow his dream," simply turned his chair around to join us for dinner, ate, turned his chair back around to continue working on his "stuff," then sometime around 7:00 slipped off to bed never to be heard from again. This morning he was wondering if something was wrong with me because I wasn't talking much. I don't know. Is there something wrong with me for thinking that kind of behavior is a little weird?