Monday, October 20, 2008


I don't get grossed out very easily. In fact, I recently had surgery on the back of my leg and had the surgeon talk me through everything she was doing. I even asked to see the growth she removed after it was all over. I don't mind blood, I've cleaned up my share of vomit, poop, urine, and other bodily fluids. I enjoy shows like House and CSI because they show the cause of death or illness in detail.

However, today, I met my match. I am hurridly trying to write this blog, because I am seriously going to get rid of my breakfast when I am done.

Today, marks the day in history, when I gave up coffee. (I gave up alcohol in June...that story remains to be written...let's just say the name "Martini Merrick" fits.) But today, Oct 20, 2008, while laughing at Sarah Palin's skits on Saturday Night Live, enjoying a cup of coffee, perfectly flavored with my favorite hazlenut cream, I came to the bottom of the cup of morning gold, and found....a dead fly. Yes, a dead fly flavored, what I thought was, an extraordinarily good cup of coffee. What kind of hurried person doesn't even have time to look in her coffee mug before filling it with her inspiration for the day? I guess that would be me.

I really cannot talk about this any longer. My day is ruined. My mornings are ruined from now on. What do I have to look forward to if not my morning cup of coffee, saturated with cream, forever marred by the giant fly, that probably stopped on Faith's poop before flying to its death in my coffee cup.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh yes, one more thing.

A year ago today Haley and I were in our car accident.

First, can you believe it has been a year?
Second, thanks again to all of you who helped out on that scary day.
Third, it turns out that the accident ended up being a huge blessing to our family...we may try to do it annually? (Totally kidding).

Just some useless information from the Merrick Family History Book.

Just some thoughts

Can you feed your children mac and cheese too much? I was wondering this while I was cleaning dishes that had mac and cheese stuck to them while boiling another pot for today's lunch. Also, used to be when I would say we were having mac and cheese the girls would cheer, today Kayci said, "Mom, that doesn't really sound good to me." It's easy and no matter how low we get on other groceries we always have a couple of boxes stuffed in the back of the cabinet somewhere. I know, I know, I need to do better. I am going grocery shopping today.

We are getting ready for the final 5 year old birthday party of my mothering career. It is sad, but true. Courtney turns 5 next Monday and we are having our promised 5 year old bash this coming Saturday. It really seems like I just did Haley's 5 year old party...but time tells me we will be doing her 10 year old party in less than 6 months. (Sigh) I'm just starting to get the hang of having little kids and now they are growing into big kids. It doesn't seem fair.

I had the honor of being a part of a birth just a week ago. I watched as a new life took her first breath in this world and I was overwhelmed to the point of tears . There really aren't words to describe this miracle. It inspired me to ask Steve if we could maybe, possibly, think about, having one more child. His response was something like, " NO $%#&ing way Jenn." Oh, well, it was worth a try.

We were praying over our dinner the other night at a restaurant and Courtney was very deliberate about her prayer. With eyes squeezed shut and hand clasped tightly together, these were her words, "Dear God,.... and please help Kayci keep her pull-up dry tonight. I'm serious. She really needs to do this..." I cracked up because of the "I'm serious" part. That's what I say, apparently way too much.

Well, the kids have finished their bowl of mac and cheese and we still have school to finish. Thanks for the comments lately. As always, they are inspiring to me.