Monday, April 23, 2007

Black Coffee

This is a story about my friends. I use the term friends with a reverence not communicated well through writing, because these people may be some of the greatest people I have ever known. Since I am insecure enough to worry about others finding these people and stealing them from me I will change their names.

We all spent a wonderful weekend in Palm Springs. We ate; we laughed; we laughed more; we played a weird game of tennis, boxing, and "mess your neighbor." We hiked ; though Funny Coordinator Guy insisted it was just a walk. If walk means watching your step carefully so as not to trip on a rock or having to catch your breath frequently because of the steady incline and higher altitude then yes, we walked. Walk also must mean developing a steady headache from dehydration and altitude sickness. Apparently walking also means arriving at a place that could be called the top of the world with a spectacular view of God's unrivaled handiwork. I of course didn't mind the "walk" because I was able to bombard my favorite Doctor with tons of medical questions. It was strange that he seemed to get more tired then me...could it have been how much talking I was forcing him to do. was just a walk right? For some reason this particular walk made me more tired than most walks I've been on. Maybe is was the special walking backpack I insisted on carrying. But at least it wasn't a hike...then I would have been mad. Furious actually!

We ate a wonderful dinner on top of that mountain. The food was pricey, but delicious. The best part of the meal however was collecting the money for the $400+ bill. I've never been so relaxed and calm as when Mr. Coordinator Guy and Ms. Flute Player looked high and low for a missing $100. I chuckled to myself as I figured out where the money was, but thought it would be funny not to tell them. (this is a joke of course...I thought you knew where it was...I really did). Group meals are so great, until the check comes. Then I always feel I should excuse myself and hang out in the bathroom until the bill is paid. I actually think Mr. Coordinator guy was skimming some off of the top to afford himself a spa treatment after our simple "walk." The money was found and everyone ran off of the top of that mountain like they knew something the rest of us didn't. Coordinator Guy, Flute Player, Beautiful Sister, Photo Girl and myself all stayed and watched a thrilling movie about a talking tram. Really it talked. We learned a lot and enjoyed a breathtaking view of the valley at night. Really awesome.

Sneaky Trumpet Player surprised us all with a wonderful brunch we thought we were paying for ourselves. He tricked us all and we all pretended to be frustrated. What a guy!! Thanks Sneaky Trumpet Player.

After the rest of the group disbanded the diehard of us decided to go to the zoo in Palm Desert. The company was great, but the animals were sad. The butterfly place was extremely stressful as all of these "Flying Cockroaches," flew everywhere. I don't know how anyone could work in an environment like that. The butterfly employees must have extreme road rage and kick their dogs often. Photo Girl took many wonderful pictures (which I hope to so I need copies please). She insisted we always take our sunglasses off...our pictures will be squinty, but we'll all be glad that she thought of that. The best part of the day had to be being asked to stop watching an eagle eat its dinner. We were told it made the eagle nervous to be watched. To which Mr. Coordinator Guy softly replied, "Isn't this a zoo?" That was funny...very funny.

I'm sure I talked way too much and laughed too loud. My sides ache from the laughter. My mind is full from the knowledge I gained from Mr. Doctor and the talking tram. My heart is full with the blessings of calling all of you friend. Mrs. Blue Eyes I hope I gave you some new material for your book. I tried...I really tried.

Until next year... Have some Black Coffee unless of course you want cream with that.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kids and Pets

Today I was struck by something interesting. One of the highlights of motherhood so far has been having all of my children potty trained. After 8 years of changing diapers...I am glad to be on to the next phase of life. However, one of the low lights of motherhood so far has been the potty-trained-but-still-having accidents phase. I trust my kids to go on the potty everytime. Not most of the time. Everytime. So the times that they don't, I am shocked, surprised, and just plain ticked off.

Today we had one such occurrence. My precious 3rd child was actually putting her pull-up on for her nap and decided that the bathroom was just too far away or just a nuisance to use. So, while sitting on the floor posed to put on her pull-up she just peeed. (three e's in a word just doesn't look it a verb?) She didn't tell me though...that's the part that gives rise to my title "Kids and Pets." She just went potty on the floor, put on her pull-up, and got in bed for her nap. I found the yellowish puddle on the carpet and immediately thought of the dog. However, Faith had not been inside this morning. When I asked Courtney if she had gone potty on the floor she smiled her dazzling smile and said, "It just fell out of me." I quickly turned away to stifle laughter and then looked for something to clean up said mess. The only thing I could find among the carpet cleaning materials under my sink was "Woolite, Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator."

In are like pets...pets are like children...and the cleaning implements one has for either one is sufficient for each.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's 11:35

I should be sleeping...but I can't sleep. I have so much going on in my mind; I thought writing would help calm things down.

I have no topic of interest just some thoughts...

Why is the kitchen always a mess? And on a similar note...why is the clothes hamper always full?

Why is there always traffic when you are in a hurry and a strong tail wind when you don't want to get home?

Why are things worth doing difficult? For example, being married and being a mother...two hard things to do but very worth doing.

Why am I so anxious to get my single friends married? Is it any of my business? Should I even be trusted with someone else's life like that? I have my hands full!!

I think happily married means something a lot more than we ever thought it meant. I'm not sure what it means exactly...but I think it means something significant. Maybe happily ever after means something different then we thought too.

How do you know if you're doing it right. By "it" I mean being a mom. Do you really have to wait until your kids are grown to find out if you were a good enough mom? I'd really like to know if I'm doing it right now?

Why does God never give up on us? Why does He not throw His hands up in frustration and say, "That's it!! I give up!! You've used up all of your chances and I can't do anything with you!!"

....I'm so thankful that He doesn't give up, because I'm sure I'm way out of chances.

These are the questions that are keeping me awake this night.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So many things to post.... little time

I'd like to talk first about the perfect day I had with my family. It was actually a scene straight out of a movie. You know the has one day where everyone gets along, the laughter is contagious, the games are exciting, the weather is perfectly scripted, the tone of the day is's a perfect day. Usually however, in the movies, something tragic happens the next day and they all think back to that perfect day that they all really appreciate now. ( I think of the "Little House on the Prairie," when Laura and Pa have one last fun day before she decides to runaway and bargain with God about taking her and returning her little brother Charles Jr. Or another one that comes to mind is the heartwarming scene in Lion King when Simba is chastised by his father Mufassa and then reminded of how much the King loves him and how he will be with him always...the next day he is tragically killed in a stampede of mindless water buffalo.)

My day was like that, except thankfully no one died the next day. I spent a perfect day with my family last Tuesday. A day that I will always remember as I basked in the unconditional love (and criticism) that only my family can offer. (Mom had a few things to say about me being a nurse...accolades about how clean my sister keeps her house...and kind suggestions on how to parent more effectively...all done with the love only my mom can bestow). The only negative part of the day (besides the kids complaining) was my sister JRG was sadly missing...tucked neatly away in the corner of this great country of ours. My mom, dad, JRS, and myself had a full day of tennis (this was totally JRS's idea...she is such a tennis nerd), Farkle, Hearts (I ran the cards once and I did it on purpose!), pizza, Baja Fresh and lots of laughs. We were all exhausted at the end, but it was a perfect day. The best part of the day had to be making my dad laugh his real just doesn't get better than that. I will never forget that day. I hope for more to come in the future.

In all honesty the best part of the day was beating my mom in tennis and winning a set off of my dad...I wasn't going to write about it and rub it in, but it felt good to be on the winning side of the court for once. I also want to thank JRS for the great tennis lesson...I'm better just for being on the court next to you.