Monday, January 28, 2008

5 Dead Mice...and Roger Federer Lost

These are things that have made me get tears in my eyes during the last week: Faith brought me two dieing mice for presents and I caught, with traps, 3 of my own. Now these traps are your typical wooden spring loaded traps. However, they must have some super industrial strength because all three have basically been decapitated...leaving behind a small puddle of coagulated blood. I don't think the three I caught suffered. The two Faithy brought to me however, suffered...and may still be suffering since I just put them in a plastic bag and dropped them in the trash. It sounds cruel, but if you know my soft heart towards animals I really can't end their lives on my own. I just can't. Faith means well, but I really don't want the honor of the kill. I REALLY DON'T!!!

The second sad event was my best friend Roger Federer losing in the semi-finals of the Australian Open. Because of another "dear" friend, I knew the results of the match before I was able to watch it; this made watching RF struggle even more painful. I knew his efforts and beautiful shots were for nothing. He had no chance. He was going to lose. He hasn't contacted me since the match, but I am sure he will as soon as he has a break from trying to explain this loss to the idiotic media. "So, Roger, are you disappointed at your loss?" What kind of question is that?!!

Two good things that have happened:
1. I have a brand new bedroom. It is beautiful.
2. My children have not thrown up lately and they all seem to be getting better.

Friday, January 25, 2008

You can blame it all on tennis

I know it has been a long time. It's not that I haven't had things to write. There have been plenty of BM's (bloggable moments) lately, but the Australian Open has been on. Therefore, my writing is put off by my furious note taking on how these professional tennis players are always in the right place at the right time on the court. They make it look so easy. I love listening to the interviews and the "signature shot" descriptions of each player. If just watching and learning made one a good player, I would be well on my way. One thing I am finally getting through my skull, though, is it doesn't matter how well my partner and I play, if people are going to cheat at key points in the game...I am going to fall apart. Every time. I lose it. I'm not proud of myself. I'm not sure why my partner sticks with me. It's not a complete melt down. I don't throw my racket or cuss or yell, but I turn so inward that an actual war takes place in my brain. Most people, with the exception of my partner, don't even know it is happening. However, there is a lot of yelling and screaming going on in my brain; name calling, evil thoughts, etc. The problem is, it is so loud in my brain , it is hard to hear the rational voice that tells me how to play this silly game. Those of you who know tennis know how important concentration is. If you can't concentrate, you can't play. So that's what happens to me. I'm ashamed of myself and seriously consider not playing anymore every time this happens. There is a mental component to my game seriously missing. My sense of justice is so violated. I know life is not fair. But tennis should be!! The pros don't really have to worry about it. But those of us who are stuck playing park tennis must learn that there are evil people who cheat, and there isn't a thing that can be done about it. The saying goes, "cheaters never prosper." However, if a cheater is playing me, she will always prosper. I will declare on this blog for all to see that I am really going to make a bigger effort to work on that part of my game. Tana, I hope you can put up with me one more day.

Two good things: I love that I get to play tennis to stay in shape. It is amazing to be on the court on a beautiful sunny day, having fun with my friends with snow covered mountains in the background. I really have nothing to complain about.

I saw the movie Transformers and loved it. Wow! What a great movie.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year

At first I thought my New Years resolution would be to post everyday in 2008. It is now day #8 and I have already failed. This is why I don't really do New Year's Resolutions. I am however going to read the Bible through this year. I have started this 5 or 6 years in a row now. I usually get about half way through Leviticus and never come back. Steve suggested I start in Leviticus this year. It's a good idea except it doesn't fit my type A- need to check off on the daily list. You know the list I am talking about: January 1: read Genesis 1-3, Matthew 1. Then it has a nice little box to check that you completed it. I love checking things off.

Generally, for the new year I would just like to do things better. Everything. I'd like to be a better writer, a better friend, a MUCH better wife, a MUCH better mother, a better bass player, a better housekeeper, a better cook, a name it. I just want to do it better in 2008. I don't want my kids to carry the burden of my happiness. While they are still young, I am already starting to see the all too familiar need for them to make me happy. I don't want them to have that kind of pressure. I just want them to enjoy being a kid... my kid specifically.

I told Courtney today that she could not tape anymore Christmas decorations on the wall. So instead she glued them. Yes, glued colored construction paper to the wall. How does she do this without my knowing? I am with her all day!!

Christmas was great. The best gift the Merrick family received was a great nerf gun target shooting game. This has provided us with hours of fun. What a great invention. You can shoot your children and your husband without fear of going to jail. I really have way too much fun doing it. I especially love to sneak up on my unsuspecting family and shoot a nerf bullet at their unsuspecting backs. It provides for me a sick satisfaction as I startle them and they yell, "Mom we aren't even playing right now ."