Monday, June 1, 2009

The "F" Word

I know this title will raise some alarm in my traditional, conservative readers. But this is too good to not post. (Mostly because I don't ever want to forget it myself.)

The other day I was singing that song from "Tommy Boy," "Fat guy in a little coat...." to my very thin husband. I was just making a joke about something I barely remember right now when Kayci comes running in and says: "Ummmm mom said the "F" word." (You see, in an effort to keep the girls from obsessing about being fat or thin or others being fat or thin I just banned the word Fat from all conversation. I figure it is going to be a problem as they reach their teenage years when all tiny girls become fat in their imaginations. But for now, we consider it a bad word around here.) Everyone knew what Kayci was talking about except apparently Courtney. She said completely innocently, blue eyes wide with concern, "What....huck?"

I am so glad that Courtney is still struggling with her phonic pronunciations. (Especially the differences between the "H" sound and the "F" sound).

She really may just be a pretty face.

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jrg said...

Oohhh, yes, it's very good to laugh, today. Thanks!