Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sometimes Life Seems Just Right

It is Thursday night and I have been so anxious to sit down and write about one of the single most thrilling experiences of my life. It has taken so long, because while visiting my parents it turns out they don't have a wireless router in their home. How was I supposed to stay caught up in such primitive surroundings?

So for the great event...besides having children, realizing the truth about a God that loves me and forgives me over and over, and seeing Roger Federer in person, this past Sunday evening was one of the greatest events in my entire life. Thanks to my favorite blogger Jodie's husband, and Jodie's very understanding nature, I was asked to be a seat filler at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. While seat filler may not sound very glamorous, it was EXTREMELY glamorous. Thanks to a cute black cocktail dress and really stunning red high heals and seats right next to the likes of Leanne Rimes, Jamey Johnson, Carrot Top, The Oakridge Boys, Matthew Maconaughey, four rows from Taylor Swift, Kelly Pickler, Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney and the Great George Straight, I experienced glamour like I have never experienced in my life. I was actually sitting with, listening to their comments about each other, and pretending to be one of them, while watching the greatest Country talent of our time preform so closely I could see them spit. It was awesome!! It was so awesome.

Not only did I get to see so many great performances, but I got to share it with my good friend Tana!! She's such a good friend she even switched shoes with me for a while because I just could no longer stand the pain that these very adorable shoes were causing me. Of my circle of friends, I don't think any of them love and appreciate country music as much as Tana does, so she shared my excitement for each celebrity we encountered. I didn't have to act like it was no big deal. We shook and squealed like little girls meeting the Jonas Brothers. We were unashamed of our heart palpitations as Matthew sat down RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!! Tana shared my high pitched whisper as Trace Adkins took his seat right behind us. And she never got tired of me saying, "I can't believe we are here!!" Because when I wasn't saying it, she was saying it. She was the perfect person to share this experience with.

We ate a yummy dinner at PF Changs and happened to sit next to some of the members of the Westpoint Glee Club that sang behind Trace Adkins. We walked part of the strip, while my feet throbbed and complained, and ended up at a club called PURE at Caesar's Palace. Not my scene at all, but I tried for the sake of the one who invited me to this wonderful event. However, people dancing in close proximity to each other and spilling alcoholic beverages everywhere makes me stressed. Tana and I slowly (remember my shoes?) headed back to our room, were hit on by a drunk Brazilian on our way, but made it to our room with my feet and shoes still attached...barely. We made some comment while I was soaking my badly deformed feet about staying up and talking all night...

....not another word was spoken until 10:00 am the next morning. Tana and I are real party animals.

But don't ask me if I took any, the queen of taking too many photos, threw away my batteries out of fear of not getting into the show at all. They said no cameras!! I hoped that if I proved my camera was not usable they would let me in anyway. After all the fear they put into me about having a camera, the metal detector never went off and no one searched my bag. EVERYONE was taking pictures. So, the girl who takes pictures of EVERYTHING did not get one picture of this amazing experience. Not one. It is especially sad, because the shoes I wore were really, really cute and I will NEVER, EVER, wear them again.

It was an amazing experience. Not one I will soon, if ever, forget. And for all the days that I am stressed and worried about decisions that need to be made, finances that need to be figured out, and children that need my very best, on this day life seemed to be just right.


Jenny said...

OOOO! Lucky duck! How fun! I think i saw you on TV!! j/k. I watched it, though, I would have looked for you!

Anonymous said...

I don't usually leave a comment. all I can say is DITTO! just switch the names around and I feel the same about you.

tana said...

I am just trying to figure out how to post somthing using my name. I didn't need to be anonymous.

Philadelphia Penn said...

I'm wondering if you could smell Matthew Mcconaughey...I have heard that he doesn't use deodorant....

I'm also wondering if your friend, Jodie, knows just how "hot" you are. I think if she did, she might not allow you to go on these rendezvous with her husband to Sin City. Expecially if you are wearing a cocktail dress and shoes that are so sexy they cause pain.

Finally, I'm wondering if you yourself had any libations of the alcoholic variety at this "night club." A chocolate martini perhaps?